Hurricane Katrina sounded the alarm and we are all waking up to new realities. Rebuilding our neighborhoods sensibly means getting ready for higher winds - and higher energy costs.
When people do the research, the choice is clear. To build for the future,STEEL SIP SYSTEMS are the solution. Hurricane strong and energy efficient, your steel SIP home will keep you safe - and qualify for the Energy Star rating ! 
Who we are…
Steel SIP Systems is a national leader in steel structural insulated panel sales and construction consulting. We are dedicated exclusively to the use of the steel SIP system for residential as well as commercial construction. We specialize in providing the highest quality insulated panels and components and the consulting and training services that enable you to successfully complete your project on time and on budget!
What we do…
We can supply your panels, help you set up your own cut shop, or deliver complete steel SIP systems, pre-cut and ready to assemble at the job site. Our team provides the support services to supply the builder with the steel structural insulated panels, component materials, training, and accessory services to dry in and secure buildingsfast.
What products we use…
We watch the market and keep abreast of the best technology offered in this relatively new building system. Our products are the best that the manufacturers offer, fully approved and code compliant. Before any panel or component part can carry the Steel SIP name, it must meet our high quality standards.
What Steel SIP Systems can do for the builder…
We can propel your company to the forefront with this energy efficient, hurricane resistant, termite proof, environmentally friendly building system. Now you can offer the finest product available today at a competitive price, with full assurance that the home will meet and exceed all client expectations.  The shell will be dried in faster which improves security and reduces time delays due to bad weather. Your jobsites will be cleaner and safer, eliminating trip hazards, nail puncture wounds, and expensive scrap piles.
 What we can do for the customer…
Steel SIP construction is SAFE. Insurance companies are lowering homeowners insurance rates for this exceptional construction. Stronger than required, it meets and exceeds wind codes and strength requirements.
In addition, electric bills will be genuinely reduced by 50 – 60%. This savings adds disposable income to the family budget, month after month, year after year. Many lenders take these savings into account when determining monthly expenses and as a result customers can afford a larger home than they originally thought.
Also, customers will no longer need to pay monthly termite protection fees or face staggering repair bills for termite structural damage.
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